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Sensory Technologies presents its sixth, annual celebration of health care innovation and transformation. We are pleased to provide you with a panel of experts from the US, UK and Canada; as well as the opportunity to be amongst the first to know regarding upcoming product releases. This event will also provide the opportunity to connect with potential clients, partners and innovators from around the world including companies such as Vivify Health and Bayfront.

Doors open at 2:15pm for registration with the first presentation commencing at 2:30pm.  Presentations continue until 5:00pm and are immediately followed by our cocktail networking event.

DATE & TIME: May 9, 2019 at 2:15pm
LOCATION: Shangria-la Hotel, 188 University Avenue, Toronto, ON
Join us on May 9, 2019 as we look to the future, focused on innovation, integration and activation.
Innovate. Integrate. Activate.
Dr. Paul Woods
Featured Speakers:
CEO, London Health Sciences Centre
Keynote Presentation
Lori Marshall
CEO, Chatham Kent Health Alliance
Keynote Presentation
Dr. Jacques Orces
CMO, Miami Children's Health Plan
Keynote Presentation
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